Florian Wacha

Name: Florian Wacha
Nickname: Flo
Instrument: Lead Guitar
Motto: Why should I take a sixpack when I can have a whole barrel?

Music is your life. How did that happen?
My schoolmates had a big influence on me. They encouraged me to buy a bass guitar and it went from there. I started with bass cover songs and finally ended up writing my own songs on the guitar.

Apart from music, what are your other hobbies?
Speed! I ride my bike as often as I can. I love the thrill and the acceleration. It clears my mind and sets my spirit free.

What is your most important musical equipment? And why?
Definitely the guitar wireless. I move around a lot on stage, so a cable is very restrictive.

Which is your favourite Vertilizar song?
Bleed. It’s our first official song. It has so much energy and I can’t hear it often enough.

Who are your musical idols?
Aaron Lewis from Staind. His songs and lyrics are so emotional and tell stories of an ordinary life. Without him and his influence Vertilizar wouldn’t exist.

What would you do if you were in charge of the music industry?
I would have a minimum pay amount for bands playing gigs. In most cases the band has to pay extra.

What have you always wanted to say?
Join the Vertilizar family, we have cookies!