Thomas Buchinger

Name: Thomas Buchinger
Nickname: Buchi
Instrument: Drums
Motto: Louder is better!

Music is your life. How did that happen?
Music is a huge priority in my family. Even in my childhood music thrilled me. I started making music early on and I haven’t stopped. It’s a big part of my personality. I’ve tried many different things but drums are my passion.

Apart from music, what are your other hobbies?
Mountaineering, sport and good food.

What is your most important musical equipment? And why?
There’s no important equipment missing on the drum set, although the drummer is always the poor sucker when you have to carry your own stuff.

Which is your favorite Vertilizar song?
There are still so many ideas in our heads that I’m not able to name just one song specifically. After every release I change my mind again.

Who are your musical idols?
Every great musician who sets the house on fire and who gives 120% even after many years in the business.

What would you do if you were in charge of the music industry?
I would have more variety on the radio and more support for local bands.

What have you always wanted to say?
I’m glad to meet you!